Zoe Zaldana’s Husband Takes Her Last Name

zoe and husband

It’s 2015. Nothing really surprises me anymore. Women are more independent than ever, and many people are throwing traditional gender roles and societal norms out the window. Zoe Zaldana’s husband, Marco is one of those people. The man has decided that he wants to be referred to as “Mr. Zaldana.” And if you think he cares what the critics have to say…he doesn’t!

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The Pic that trumps Ellen’s Epic Oscar Selfie (For Me)


In case you didn’t know, The Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards will air on OWN on February 21st at 10 PM EST.

Via Essence President Michelle Ebanks:

“Together with OWN, we are proud to extend the reach of the ‘Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards’ and share this important recognition of our leading ladies who are creating, performing and calling the shots. Over the past seven years, Essence has celebrated the power of our presence in Hollywood, and this first-time television special is certain to broaden the conversation around images in media, personal inspiration and empowerment for women around the world.”

Today, these phenomenal women gathered together to walk the red carpet, do interviews, and of course, enjoy the Awards and each other! Check out this EPIC selfie. Look at all this Black woman EXCELLENCE! See any faces you recognize? I can’t wait to tune in and give you guys a recap!