Feature Friday: Meet TeDarryl


So after reading this, you’ll probably ask yourself, “What DOESN’T TeDarryl do?”

A singer, writer, actor, print model, stage director and scholar from Petersburg, VA, this guy has planted his feet firmly on the road to the success. With a nearly 4 octave vocal range, his deeply personal music crosses the lines of R&B, soul, experimental, hip-hop, pop & jazz. A two-time graduate of Virginia State University, TeDarryl holds degrees in communications, drama & media management. Impressive, right?

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Girl’s Threesome Ends Up Online, and She Refuses to Be Shamed For It


Alexis Frulling. Photo courtesy Maryjane Peters

We live in a digital world. Sometimes that’s really awesome, and sometimes, that really sucks. In this case, it’s kinda both. Alexis Frulling, a beautiful Canadian woman, recently got caught up in the mix when a threesome with her friends went viral.

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MTV’s “White People” Gets Really Uncomfortable


There’s nothing like a little conversation about race to get your day started, right? Well filmmaker, activist and journalist Jose Antonio Vargas thinks so. He and MTV have been working on what I think is going to be a very important documentary, and it airs in just two weeks. “White People” has already gotten a lot of people talking, and after watching the trailer, I definitely need to share it with you.

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Raven Symone Says No to Harriet Tubman on the Twenty


Lately, I try very hard to ignore anything that Raven Symone has to say. But her most recent comments deserve some feedback. In case you’ve been under a rock, folks are trying to figure out who should be the next face on the $20 bill. Harriet Tubman is in the running. A grassroots campaign called Women on 20s started an online petition to replace Andrew Jackson on the twenty, and America seemed to be down with having American hero, Harriet Tubman on our cash. One person who is against the move, however, is Raven DontCallMeBlack Symone.

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PETA Has Had it With Kim Kardashian


Y’all PETA just will NOT leave Kim Kardashian alone. It’s like everywhere the girl turns, PETA is there yelling at her or throwing flour in her hair. But yesterday at Kim’s book signing PETA REALLY tried it. They walked up on Kimmy and confronted her…and of course, it was all caught on tape.

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Beyonce Signs New Artists to a $1.5 Million Contract


Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

My goodness. What DOESN’T this lady do? Not only can she dance in stilettos, sing like an angel, look flawless on every red carpet, take really cool Instagram pics, and be a mother and wife, Beyonce can also be an executive. The R&B diva is signing three teenage singers to her Parkwood Entertainment company, and the checks keep rolling in.

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