KarmaJonez Attends ATL Advanced Screening of Almost Christmas-My Heart is Full


When I first saw advertisements for Almost Christmas, I gotta admit, I was excited, but not for the reasons I think most people were. Mostly, I was ready to see Mo’Nique get back on the silver screen, and I was equally glad that ol’ Danny Glover was still cashing those checks in Hollywood. Those two things alone were enough to spark my interest, but I just wasn’t sure if I was thrilled about seeing what I assumed would be another This Christmas.

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5 Reasons Snoop Dogg Has No Room To Talk About the Remake of #Roots


In case you’ve been under a very large rock, and had no idea that there was a “Roots” remake, I’m here to tell you that there’s a “Roots” remake. The first episode aired over Memorial Day weekend. The last part of the three part miniseries will air tonight on the History channel. Like most people I know, I tuned in to watch the story, eager to see what they’d put together, wondering how they’d take on a story that had changed the course of our nation’s history in such a monumental way.

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KarmaJonez Exclusive: Karma Gets to Know Ernestine Johnson


If you’ve been paying attention, there’s no question that you’ve heard of Ernestine Johnson. If you’re a social media Queen (or King) like me, you first came across this young lady on Instagram or maybe even Youtube. It seemed like everywhere I looked, I saw her video. She even became the topic of discussion in some of my groupchats with my besites, everyone praising her for her honesty, for her undeniable skill, for her raw talent.

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