Hip Hop. Women. And Feminism.


“Some think that we can’t flow. Stereotypes, they got to go.” -Queen Latifah

I don’t remember when I was first exposed to Hip Hop. But I do know that I’ve always loved it. And while I’m a huge fan of Biggie, Tupac, Outkast, and Mobb Deep, nothing made me fall in love with Hip Hop more than knowing that women were using a platform-historically dominated by men-to get their points across.

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Sure, I Watch Reality TV, but I Don’t Live a Reality TV Lifestyle-Neither Should You


I watch a lot of reality TV. My DVD is currently set and I plan on watching each and every one of my shows every week, sometimes multiple times if I feel like I missed something. Like many people, I’m drawn to the drama-the entertainment. It’s salacious, it’s intriguing, and sometimes, it’s downright unbelievable. But it’s my guilty pleasure, and to be honest, I’m not ashamed.

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Kanye vs. Amber & the NeverEnding Objectification/Slut Shaming of Women


It’s been 6 years since Amber Rose and Kanye West have been romantically involved, but it’s crystal clear that Kanye is still traumatized by the breakup. I mean, he hasn’t smiled since-and I guess making all of that sad (but FIRE) music just didn’t get rid of the heartache. As we’ve all witnessed countless times before, Kanye just isn’t equipped to deal with his emotions in a civilized way. So, as expected, he did what a lot of men do when their egos are on the line–reduce women to their sexuality.

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VH1’s #OutInHipHop: A Recap+My Thoughts


Last night, VH1 aired a groundbreaking special following an episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, called #OutInHipHop. The round table discussion, hosted by T.J. Holmes, has been much anticipated since it was announced last week. Anxious viewers tuned in hoping to get a better understanding of what it means to be gay, while being immersed in Hip Hop culture. Two of the show’s stars, Miles and Milan, two men, who are now in a relationship, have been the topic of discussion for quite some time now. We’ve watched their relationship unfold on screen, and last night, we got a chance to hear from both men and women who have made major contributions to Hip Hop, and just so happen to be a part of the LGBTQ community.

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Rap Quote Signs Are Taking Over the Streets of Atlanta


Atlanta is known for a lot of things: Strip clubs, good food, the Falcons, celebrities…the list goes on…and of course, there’s rap music. In an effort to honor Atlanta’s rich musical history, some GENIUS has propped dozens of red rap quote signs up throughout the city, and I couldn’t be more delighted about this initiative!

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KarmaJonez Exclusive: The Husel AKA Musiq Soulchild Finally Speaks


Like many people, you’ve probably been wondering where Musiq Soulchild has been. Time and time again, since he stepped on the scene back in 2000 with his classic album Aijuswanaseing, the Philly native has delivered nothing but hits. Smooth, and pleasing to the ear, his music has always been so relatable, leaving a lasting impression with REAL music lovers all over the world. Now, the entertainer is trying something new. He’s switching things up. He’s reemerged as something none of us were expecting…a Hip Hop artist called “The Husel.”

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Basketball Wives LA Returns With Season 4

Ahhhhh yes. Here’s what I’ve been waiting for. July 12th, the Basketball Wives of L.A. are back. From Malaysia’s divorce, to Jackie Christie running around acting like everybody’s mama, things are going to get crazy. Per usual, according this trailer, it seems like people are still attacking Draya for no reason, and as always, she seems completely unbothered.

The new girls are Patrice Curry, the wife of NBA player Eddy Curry, Angel Brinks, ex-girlfriend of Tyreke Evens, and Mehgan James. Sundy Carter was apparently given the boot, so she will not be returning. Neither will our girl Brittish.

This season is going to be a doozy. Check out the trailer.

Love & Hip Hop Partners With The Shade Room for New Season of #LHHATL


For those of you who don’t know, tonight is the Season 4 premiere of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. And I don’t know about y’all but I’m ready to see what the Puerto Rican Princess, Miss Joseline is up to. I also can’t wait to see what our boy Stevie J has up his sleeve…they let him out of prison yet? If you ask me, this show should be called the “Joseline and Stevie Show”, because it looks like everybody else is STRUGGLING for a story line…but hopefully they’ll come with something new and exciting this season.

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KarmaJonez Attends The BWFN’s Star Studded “Untold Stories” Luncheon

Yesterday I covered Day 1 of the Black Women Film Network Summit, and today, I’m going to cover Day 2! What an awesome experience! Although I enjoyed both of the days, I think Day 2 was definitely my favorite.

I started the day by stopping by the “Master Class” featuring actress Charity Jordan of the movie Selma. She talked about what it meant to be a person of color in the TV and film industry, but especially a WOMAN of color. She gave us a lot of great advice, and we even did some cool acting exercises to break the ice.

For me, her greatest piece of advice was, “If you’re in it for the money, get out now.” I think she made a good point about finding your passion. Your passion is something that you’d do for free. Money is always good, but if that is your only motivation, then it isn’t for you!

She went on to tell a funny story about the first time she hung out with Oprah. She said she had a blast…so much so that she ended up taking a fork and a piece of toilet paper from home as a souvenir! Ha!

After that, it was time for the Red Carpet, and honey, it was a sight to see! I ran into Real Housewife Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker, Farrah Franklin (former member of Destiny’s Child), V Bozeman, Robbi Reed, Evelyn Mims, Latavia Roberson, V 103’s Ryan & Kysha Cameron, Will Packer and more!

IMG_0269 IMG_0288 IMG_0326 IMG_0337 IMG_0379 IMG_0387 IMG_0389 IMG_0395 IMG_0398 IMG_0415 IMG_0419 IMG_0424 IMG_0432 IMG_0443 IMG_0451 IMG_0493  IMG_0511 IMG_0514  IMG_0518 Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 11.36.12 PMIMG_0417IMG_0526

After everyone hit the red carpet, we sat down for lunch, award presentations, and an awesome performance from the stunning V Bozeman. I think my favorite part of the luncheon was hearing Shante Bacon, founder of 135th Street Agency speak. That, along with Jaunice Sills, director of programming and promo planning at Revolt. These two women were both so young, so accomplished, and still so humble. And it’s always a pleasure to see Saptosa Foster, who is a PR extraordinaire! It was great to witness!

We also got to view movie trailers from some up and coming Black filmmakers. Truly inspirational! And can I just say that the host, comedian Jonathan Slocumb was a HIT?!

I met a lot of awesome people, and can’t wait for the next one. I’m convinced that #BWFNSummit16 will be even better than this one!


KarmaJonez Attends The Private Screening of Single Ladies Season 4 & Interviews Adrene of VH1’s Sorrority Sisters


When I heard that the Black Women in Film Network Summit (BWFN) was making its way to ATL, you know I just HAD to be there. I was excited about the networking, the art, the positivity, and of course, the parties! This past weekend, I got to rub elbows with the Black Hollywood elite…and boy did I have fun! Check it out:

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