Donald Trump’s Comment to Jorge Ramos Was Exactly What I Thought It Was-Racist


As the #GOPClownCar gets more and more attention, it’s become quite clear to most Americans that Donald Trump is the ringleader. Yea. He keeps shit goin’. Yep, he’s giving everybody a run for their money and “Making America Great Again” as he would put it. But most of us with any good sense at all know EXACTLY what that means when it’s coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth. Translation: “Making America more Racist, Sexist, Classist and Intolerant Again.” Trump’s most recent aggression was aimed at esteemed journalist, Jorge Ramos. His suggestion to Mr. Ramos? “Go back to Univision.”

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Donald Trump Keeps Running His Big, Fat Mouth, So Univision Dropped Him



Donald Trump is well known douchebag. Personally, I think the only reason people even talk to him is because he has a ridiculous amount of money. He’s like the boyfriend or husband that you only put up with because they buy you nice things and take you on trips out of the country. But sometimes really rich husbands can be so damn annoying that even the money won’t make you stay. Yea, that’s kinda what’s happening with Univision and the Donald as we speak.

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