Hillary Clinton Should’ve Gotten TIME’s “Person of the Year”

Earlier this month, TIME magazine revealed they’d chosen President-elect Donald Trump as their 2016 ““Person of the Year.” And while I don’t think any of us were shocked, I think it’s safe to say that most of us were disgusted. We’d had enough of the Trump Train.

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Steph Curry’s Wife Would Like to Have a Word With the Critics: Listen Up


If you have a pulse, you’ve probably heard of Riley Curry. She’s become an overnight celebrity. A pop star. Basically, she’s more famous than her dad, who also happens to be basketball All Star and MVP, Steph Curry. While some people have been amused with Riley’s behavior during post-game press conferences, others think the Curry’s need to get a tighter grip on their toddler.

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Laverne Cox Writes Poignant Essay in Response to Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair Cover


Yesterday, Caitlyn Jenner, (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) broke the internet with her triumphant revelation of Caitlyn, the woman she claims she always knew she was on the inside. While there have been different opinions on Caitlyn’s transition, varying from heart warming to downright transphobic, one thing none of us can ignore is Caitlyn’s privilege.

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