8 Celebrities Who are Down to Ride & 8 Celebrities Who Ain’t


This has been a rough week. It literally feels like there’s a war going on. And maybe there is. With back to back police involved shootings, and now the chaos in Dallas, tensions are extremely high. And celebrities, who are usually relatively quiet about current events, are speaking out, and like many of us, they’re pissed. Some of them, on the other hand, aren’t so pissed, and rather be drinking Ciroc on a beach, but either way, I’ve compiled a list. Click below.

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Sherri Sheppard Explains Why Shows Like WETV’s #MatchMadeinHeaven are Important


Last night, I had the pleasure of schmoozing and hanging out with the big wigs over at WETV, along with the new cast of “Match Made in Heaven.” It was pretty cool. And I have to say, thanks to Sherri Sheppard, I have a new perspective on what this show has to offer.

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When You’re an Anti-Black Black Person & You Realize Even Ann Coulter Doesn’t Agree

Coulter had lots of fun with Raven-Symone today on “The View”. Rayven attempted to get cutesy with Coulter, referencing the abrasive rhetoric that she often uses. Rayven even went so far as to say that her mother had taught her as a child that, if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all.

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Raven-Symone Issues a Not So Apologetic Apology


Last week, former Cheetah Girl Raven-Symone sent the internet into a tizzy after making yet another insensitive, tasteless, poorly thought out remark. And after getting MUCH grief from damn near EVERYBODY, her father included, Raven has finally spoken out. The talk show co-host took to Facebook the other day to issue an “apology” of sorts. After reading it, I still don’t think the lady understands the impact her words have, but I’ll let you guys be the judge.

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Raven-BlackAss-Symone Has the NERVE to Say She Wouldn’t Hire Someone Based On Their Name


I haven’t liked Raven-Symone since she was a fake ass Miss Cleo on That’s So Raven. Sure, at one point, we couldn’t get enough of little miss “Olivia,” but NOW?? Now we just want her to go away. Every time she opens her mouth, some poop falls out, and I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Raven, hush girl.”

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#QueridaKellyOsbourne Is Now a Thing On Twitter Because Of Her Racist Remark on The View


Listen. If you don’t know that we’re living in a period of social unrest, and extreme racial tension, then you are most certainly living under a privileged rock…orrrrrr you’re Kelly Osbourne. Today on The View, things got a little heated when the co-host reduced all Latinos to cleaning toilet bowls for Donald Trump.

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6 People We Can Trade in the 2016 Racial Draft


Who’s up for some trading? I am! Over the last year, a lot has happened. And the truth is, a lot of these unfortunate (AND fortunate) events have brought out a lot of people’s true colors. Whether it be your Facebook friends, your real life friends, or your favorite celebrities, thanks to social media, we have access to EVERYBODY’S thoughts on a regular basis…and sometimes, that can be really annoying.

One thing that’s annoyed me to no end is seeing some of my favorite Black celebrities make complete and utter fools out of themselves, turning their backs on the Black community, making comments on national TV and via Twitter that they really should reconsider. So I’ve decided that there are 6 Black people that I’d like to trade in exchange for 6 White folk. Here’s who I’ve chosen:

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Raven Symone Says No to Harriet Tubman on the Twenty


Lately, I try very hard to ignore anything that Raven Symone has to say. But her most recent comments deserve some feedback. In case you’ve been under a rock, folks are trying to figure out who should be the next face on the $20 bill. Harriet Tubman is in the running. A grassroots campaign called Women on 20s started an online petition to replace Andrew Jackson on the twenty, and America seemed to be down with having American hero, Harriet Tubman on our cash. One person who is against the move, however, is Raven DontCallMeBlack Symone.

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