Joel Osteen & How Mega Churches Are Turning People Away From Religion

In the face of the tragedy that is Hurricane Harvey, there has been a lot of finger-pointing, critique, and confusion. The category 4 storm, set to last 5 days, has killed 18 people, and ruined 300,000 homes thus far. So with all that’s going on, it begs the question-why is mega church pastor Joel Osteen the trending topic on Twitter?

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Girls Rock Camp Houston Wants R. Kelly Out of Here!


The ladies of Girls Rock Camp Houston are officially not havin’ it. The Free Press Summer Festival is scheduled for early June, but GRCH has a bone to pick with the organizers of the event. After visiting GRCH’s Facebook page, they’ve made it clear that they aren’t very happy with FPSF’s choice of headlining artists, and there’s one artist in particular that must go: R. Kelly.

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