Serena Williams Named Sportsperson of the Year


BOOM. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better for Serena Williams this year, I wake up to this incredibly alluring Sports Illustrated cover. It’s her-Queen Serena, sprawled out on a throne-where she obviously belongs-decked out in all black everything, staring at us with those pensive eyes, her expression screaming “You damn right.” Who better to be named “Sportsperson of the Year” than the reigning champ-Ms. Serena JAMEKA Williams? Let’s be honest, she serves both on and OFF the court. The cover is evidence of this.

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Serena Williams Is the Guest Editor at WIRED & She Wrote an Essay!

serena wired

Serena Williams is a woman of many talents. She’s the number one female athlete in the world, she has her own fashion line, she’s a spokesperson, she’s a model, and now, she’s an editor over at WIRED. Never afraid to speak up for herself and others, Serena’s latest essay tackles issues of race, gender and equality in the digital age. Click below to read!

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Serena for Harper’s Bazaar


Via Harper’s Bazaar

Williams is the first to call other female athletes daring. “Venus is daring,” she says of her sister. “And Ronda Rousey, the UFC fighter. The way she speaks up for herself is bold and inspiring.” For Williams, there is no choice but to live, and play, boldly. “I feel stronger now,” she says before heading off, with a little shrug, to training. “Some people are born to do certain things, and I think I was born to do tennis. I definitely didn’t miss my calling!” She laughs. “I think all that training just comes together.” Read the full article here.


The “Like Serena Williams” Baby is Going to See Serena Williams


Earlier this week, I came across the cutest video of a little baby professing her love for Serena Williams, while simultaneously telling the world how much they had in common. It was the greatest thing. And now that her super cute video has gone viral, she’s landed some tickets to the U.S. Open, along with a gift package, courtesy of Serena Williams herself!

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Serena & Venus Are The Greatest, But Last Night Forbes Decided to Hate


Last night, the greatest tennis player in the world played the greatest tennis player in the world. It was something to see. Serena Williams went up against her big sister Venus in one of the best tennis matches I’ve ever laid eyes on. Serena ended up taking the win, but let’s be clear–Venus made her earn EVERY. SINGLE. POINT. But while the rest of us sat in front of our televisions in awe, watching history unfold right before our very eyes, the people over at Forbes were sitting at their computers being shady.

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6 Reasons Why I’m Here for Drake & Serena’s Relationship


So if you haven’t heard, the rumors are true. Drake and Serena are officially a couple, and I’m beside myself. I absolutely adore the both of them, and now that they’ve come together in perfect harmony, I’m not sure my soul can take all this joy.

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Conservative Reporter Suggests Serena Cheated for Her Win


Serena Williams has consistently whooped ass throughout her career. After her most recent victory at Wimbledon, Serena has been getting a lot of criticism from everything from her looks to her “bad attitude.” But in the midst of all her haters, it’s nice to know that Serena is taking all of it in stride.

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Serena Williams Wins Landmark 20th Major


A nasty flu almost took Serena Williams out last week. She was physically drained and collapsed after her exhausting victory in three sets in the semifinals against Timea Bacsinszky. On Saturday, Serena Williams went on to beat Lucie Safarova 6-3 6-7 (2) 6-2 to win the 2015 French Open.

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