Thank God Kodak Black Doesn’t Like Black Women

Every now and again, a celebrity makes the mistake of actually sharing their thoughts on social media. I don’t call it a “mistake” because I think celebrities shouldn’t share their opinions, I call it a “mistake” because it turns out that a lot of the things they have to say are, well…stupid. I don’t know if these guys are sniffing too much coke up there in Hollywood, or what-but it’s clear that an intervention needs to be had.

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Nicki Minaj Comes For Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s


Just in case you missed it: Last night Nicki Minaj got real Queens and called Miley Cyrus out onstage. It was a bit awkward for everyone, but I must admit, it made for great TV. All of this comes after Miley made a few controversial statements about Nicki during her interview with The New York Times.

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How the Nicki Minaj & Taylor Swift Twitter Beef Showed the Differences Between Black & White Feminists


So the MTV VMA (Video Music Awards) nominations rolled out yesterday, and shortly after, things got a little…well a lot heated on Twitter. Nicki Minaj, who felt she’d been overlooked, took to the social network to express herself. Unexpectedly, Taylor Swift had something to say (to Nicki) as well.

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Apparently Taylor Swift is a Hero for Doing the Exact Thing That Jay-Z Did But Got Dragged For?


So…let me get this straight. Taylor Swift writes an open letter to Apple, and VOILA! She’s a national hero. But essentially, Jay-Z did the same thing with his streaming service TIDAL, and everybody has a problem with it. For why?

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The Grammys: A SnoozeFest: The Good, The Bad, and Rihanna’s Dress.


The 2015 Grammys was everything I hadn’t hoped for. It was 3 and a half long hours of me trying to keep my eyes open just in case something exciting actually happened. Overall, I was pretty unimpressed with the show. I was hoping to get life from Kanye and Pharrell’s performances, but Kanye’s set was underwhelming and if I hear “Happy” one more time, BABY I’m going berserk! But towards the end, things got good. And there were even some fun moments on the red carpet. Check out my favorite moments at the Grammys. The Good, The Bad, and Rihanna’s Dress.

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