The First Lady of Cabo: Invite Only Cabo Episode 4

It’s Busy Body Bianca’s birthday, and everybody is ready for the ultimate turn up. After learning that Kamani is doing much better after her accident, the crew decides to jump back into the party scene like they never left. Kamani’s close call succeeded in bringing the group together, even alleviating tensions between Kamani, Bianca, and Agu. However, with neck brace and all, Kamani still finds time to call Emily a twist off cap bottle of wine, so I’m not sure how far we’ve actually come.

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Alexander Wang Garners Praise for Shirts Every Black Person Has Worn Over the Last 3 Decades


“See the Alexander Wang T-Shirts You Can’t Buy Anywhere” the headline read.

Out of curiosity, I clicked the link. Instead of finding some mystical T-Shirt made of rare fabric and hand sewn by Black Jesus, I found something more regular. Very regular. I was shocked to find that the T-Shirts we “can’t buy anywhere,” I had bought and worn back in high school. Something told me that a zillion other Black people in the last 30 years had too.

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Cocktails with Claire x Miss Diddy LA Comes To Atlanta & KarmaJonez Got an Invite


I am so excited to be covering Cocktails with Claire Sulmers & Miss Diddy this weekend, here in Atlanta! These girls are doing big things, and they have been for awhile now. Sulmers, who is a Harvard graduate, and is fluent in French, has an AMAZING resume. You can read it here. Miss Diddy is equally impressive, a self made woman, who happens to be the ONLY woman party promoter in Hollywood. She is also a Hennessy (my favorite drink) Key Account Manager.

And while these ladies live two different lives on two different coasts, they both have one very important thing in common–fashion. They are INCREDIBLY fashionable.

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Feature Friday: Meet Shayla Courtney


Every once in a while, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting someone who’s super talented. Every now and again, you’ll have the opportunity to meet someone else who is extremely passionate. At some point in life, you’ll meet someone who really, truly cares about people and their well-being…and occasionally, you’ll find someone who puts a smile on the face of any and everyone they come into contact with. But it’s rare–very rare that you’ll meet someone who possesses all those qualities and more. Today, that’s why I want to introduce you to Fashion Expert, Shayla Courtney. Thank me later.

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The 2015 Met Gala…Rihanna Gets It & You Don’t


Last night, the internet was in a tizzy as we all frantically posted pics to social media, itching to give our two cents on celebrity ensembles as they graced the red carpet at this year’s Met Gala. The Met Gala has been popular for some time now, but some of you didn’t even know it was a “thing” until you got wind that Solange was in an elevator beating Jay-Z like he stole somethin’ last year. While I enjoyed the fashion, and the pomp and circumstance, some of you just didn’t seem to get it. Let me explain.

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The Dandy Lion Project

Ok. I’m obsessed with clothes, fashion, style…and I’m even more interested in those things when Black men are involved. I’m in love with the Dandy Lion Project!

A photography and film project that explores Global Black Dandyism and contemporary counter-narratives of Black Masculinity has made its way to the Museum of Contemporary Photography. The exhibit opened last week on April 9th in Chicago, IL. This awesomeness was founded in 2010 by Shantrelle P. Lewis. Check out some of the images below!






Check out the site below!

Dandy Lion Project


Kelly Osbourne Is Done With Fashion Police


Amidst all of the not so great press E!’s show Fashion Police has been getting due to Guiliana Rancic’s negative comments about Zendaya Coleman, according to, co-host Kelly Osbourne has decided to leave the show.

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