Why I Hate This Starbuck’s Coffee Cup Ordeal & Why Some Christians Make It Hard For Sane People to Like You


Ok. I’ve had it. Enough with the Red Cup debate. Is this really how you people choose to spend your precious time on God’s green Earth? I mean…don’t we have a kajillion other things to do besides harass Starbuck’s over their pleasant little red cups? Apparently not. So let me take a few minutes out of my schedule to talk about how much I hate this.

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Like Your Coffee Black? Probably a PsychoPath.


I don’t even drink coffee, so I guess people will have to perform another test to find out if I’m a psychopath or not, but for those of you who swear by Starbuck’s (y’all may not be pyschopaths, but definitely annoying), according to a new study, it will be fairly easy to tell if you’re a certified nut job.

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People Are Through With Deadline & Their Sh*t


Just when we thought Starbucks’ #RaceTogether campaign, Kanye West and the election of our nation’s first Black President had solved all of our race problems, here comes Deadline’s co-editor-in-chief, Nellie Andreeva, f*cking it up for all of us.

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Starbucks SVP of Communications Deletes Twitter After #RaceTogether Backlash

corey dubrowa

Yesterday, I reported that Starbucks had launched a new initiative called #RaceTogether. This initiative gives their employees the option to have an open and honest discussion with customers about race…over their delicious and overpriced coffee. As you can imagine, the initiative didn’t go over so well. And the backlash was even more apparent on Twitter.

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Starbucks #RaceTogether Campaign A Flop?

howard schultz

Starbucks is the most popular global coffeehouse chain in the world. There are millions of people who can’t even start their day without stopping at a Starbucks on the way to their 9-5. But it looks like customers may be getting more than they paid for (which is hard to imagine) when they step into their local Starbucks this week. They may be asked to engage in a really uncomfortable conversation about race, and THAT is something I think most customers could actually live without.

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