In the Woke Olympics, Nobody Wins Gold


I’ve decided I want to bow out. It was fun while it lasted.  However, after careful review, I’ve concluded that The Woke Olympics just isn’t for me. I can’t compete. These carefully constructed tweets have me sweating at my desk on the regular, and baby, I’m tired. One slip of the finger, one well intentioned tweet gone bad, and just like that, the Woke community has turned their backs on you, and there you are, all alone-Un-woke.

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Erykah Badu Tried to Convince Us Girls Should Wear Longer Skirts to Prevent Harassment and the Internet Said “Nah”


It hurts me to have to write this. For a second there, I thought about just shutting off my computer, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write an article calling Erykah Badu out on her sh*t. Some of you may remember just last week, I wrote a piece praising Badu for dropping gems back in the day. But, oh, what a difference a tweet makes.

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The Bill Cosby Indictment Helped Me Discover Just How Rapey My Facebook Friends Are…(Twitter & Instagram Too)


I think it’s fair to say that we were all pretty shocked this year when over 40 women came forward with rape allegations against one of America’s most beloved comedians, and friend in our head-Bill Cosby. Before the allegations, most of us viewed Cosby as a father-like figure, an uncle, a pal…a play cousin. I mean after all, he was a funny guy who wore every ugly sweater our dads wished we’d never bought them, and all he ever wanted to do was eat a nice, tasty submarine sandwich on the comfort of his own couch. He made funny faces, did commercials for Jell-O pudding, and was so nice to all of his kids on The Cosby Show…I mean, REALLY, you’d have to be a monster not to like the guy.

But now, 30 years since the launch of The Cosby Show, and in the wake of some very serious allegations, we’re being forced to distance ourselves from the character we know and love,  Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable, and take a really hard look at the man behind it all-Dr. William H. Cosby.

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Soooo Tisha Campbell (Gina) Has a New Music Video and…The People Love It


I love Tisha Campbell. She seems like a really cool chic. She totally seems like someone you’d want as your bestie. And let’s be honest, she’s pretty hard to hate, considering most of us grew up with her on our TV screens, with her playing one of television’s most memorable characters to date–the love of Martin Lawrence’s life–Gina.

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Nick Cannon Donates $14,000 To Amber Rose’s ‘Slut Walk’


Amber Rose has been called her share of the “S” word. You know? SLUT. That four letter word that no woman ever really wants to be called. But you see, Amber, who has a reputation for taking life by the horns and riding that motherf*cker til the wheels fall off, is taking the “S” word back. She’s standing up for women’s rights and speaking out against rape culture with her upcoming Slut Walk scheduled for October 3rd.

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Twitter Hashtag Thanks Men for Not Being Rapists


Some days I wonder what I did in my past life to deserve living amongst certain people. Today is one of those days. So, I was on Twitter fake minding my business, and I was slapped in the face with the most ridiculous Twitter campaign since the Baltimore police blunder. It appears that today on Twitter, we are thanking men for keeping their hands to themselves and their penises in their pants.

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Bud Light’s Most Disgusting Campaign Yet


What’s a better way to have a night of fun than taking away a person’s right to choose? That always goes over well, right? The marketing team at Bud Light thinks so. Their newest and most embarrassing campaign yet is making headlines for the loaded and…disturbing tagline on the bottom of their beer bottles.

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Kenyan Schoolboys Save Girls from Rape After Learning “No Means No”

This story was too important not to share:

NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The schoolboy watched as a man tried to remove the nappy of a little girl he was dragging along a Nairobi riverbank, suspecting that he was going to rape her.

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