8 Possible Titles for Rachel Dolezal’s Upcoming Documentary


Just when we thought Rachel Dolezal had made her home somewhere in a small (mostly Black, of course) neighborhood on the outskirts of some city, making a living by braiding hair and doing sew-ins, never to be heard from again, she pops up on the campus of Howard University. And of ALL things, she’s filming a movie.

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Rachel Dolezal Makes an Appearance on The Real & the Ladies Hit Her With REAL Questions

rachel girl

Oh Rachel. I thought we were through with you. Such a polarizing figure you’ve become over the last year, and I’m starting to think you like it. You were in the news like every day for weeks, and for the life of me, I couldn’t understand why you kept doing interviews! If I were you, I’d certainly crawl up into a ball and rock back and forth in a dark corner of my bedroom after the beaten you’ve taken, but not you! You are resilient! And here you are again, sitting on someone else’s couch, doing your “race is a state of mind” jig. Amazing!

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Crissle & Kid Fury Go AWF On Rachel Dolezal Like Only They Could


In case you’re completely out of the loop, Crissle and Kid Fury are the Bee’s Knees. Whenever I want to hear the REAL about anything, I just log right on to SoundCloud and get comfy with The Read. In the wake of this Rachel Dolezal mess, I’ve really been itching to hear what these two had to say, and baby, they didn’t disappoint.

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Rachel Dolezal: You Ain’t Foolin Nobody…Well You Are. Just Not Me.

JEROME A. POLLOS/Press Rachel Dolezal, director of education & curator of the Human Rights Education Institute, discusses the offering of Human Rights Education Institute flags Monday in response to flags flown by local hate groups.

Rachel Dolezal girl, I’ve had it up to here with you. Over the past few days, I’ve been trying to dissect this whole thing. Reading article after article, watching video after video for any sign of just what the hell is going on with you. But I’m onto you now. I know exactly what this is.

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