8 Times R. Kelly Told On Himself & We Ignored It

“When somebody shows you who they are, believe them.” The late, great Maya Angelou had lived a long enough life to know that people ain’t sh*t. This was the legendary wordsmith’s way of telling us to “stay woke” before that was even a thing. And all we did was use the quote on Facebook when we wanted to be fake inspirational. We’re sorry Maya. Little did we know this quote would come back to bite us in the ass when it comes to Mr. Robert IDontSeeNothinWrong Kelly. How did we miss all the signs?

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Girls Rock Camp Houston Wants R. Kelly Out of Here!


The ladies of Girls Rock Camp Houston are officially not havin’ it. The Free Press Summer Festival is scheduled for early June, but GRCH has a bone to pick with the organizers of the event. After visiting GRCH’s Facebook page, they’ve made it clear that they aren’t very happy with FPSF’s choice of headlining artists, and there’s one artist in particular that must go: R. Kelly.

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