10 Things I Loved About “She’s Gotta Have It”

Spike Lee is an innovator. His propensity to color outside of the lines and still produce art worthy of praise and consideration speaks to his talent, his foresight, and his creativity. The actor, producer, director and filmmaker has been around for decades, often facing harsh criticism for his work. Now, in 2017, Spike has blessed us with a re-imagining of his classic film, She’s Gotta Have It. With a Spike Lee Joint, you can expect nothing less than shocking, thought-provoking, realness. But most importantly, you can expect a good discussion. This project is no different.

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In Response to the Backlash From Wale’s Video: Do We Really Need Monogamy Anyway?


I read a post from one of my favoriteĀ blogs the other day that got me to thinking. I saw it several times on my news feed, so I decided to take a look. Recently, Wale released a musicĀ video that got a lot of people talking. Most people were criticizing the storyline, because they felt like Wale was encouraging women to settle for their dusty ass exes, and leave the “good guy” behind. I can understand that argument, but I see things a little differently.

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