Chris Brown, Soulja Boy, Violence, and How Social Media Ruined Celebrity

The great prophet Puff Daddy P. Diddy Sean Combs warned us back in 2009 of theĀ b*tchassness epidemic sweeping the nation-unfortunately, none of us took him seriously. Almost a decade later, here we are, glued to our phones, watching Chris Brown and Soulja Boy threaten each other across the interwebs. In our defense, who among us could’ve ever predicted n*ggas would take it this far? We’re sorry, Puff.

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Take That. Take That. Diddy Sues BET


We were all having so much fun. The highly anticipated Bad Boy Reunion popped off, and we all took a much needed trip down memory lane together thanks to the BET Awards. I was Diddy boppin’ across my living room floor and doing the Tootsie Roll when Puffy took a mean fall into the same trap door that Lil Kim rose up out of like a Phoenix.

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New York Fashion Week: Kanye’s Fashion Line…Ye or Nay?


This hasn’t been a good two weeks for Kanye. He’s acted an ASS at the Grammy’s once again, and now, he’s put out a fashion line that almost nobody likes. Including me. Now normally, I’m a Kanye fan. I’m the first to run to his aide when he’s gotten a little out of control. Personally, I’ve always felt he was a misunderstood musical genius. But today, I surrender. There’s no way I can defend his constant assault on other artists, or his horrible attempt to step into the wonderful world of haute couture.

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