“Get Out”-5 Ways to Tell When a Black Person is in The Sunken Place

Two weeks ago, I was dragged to the theater to see “Get Out,” a movie I had already dubbed the worst movie of 2017. I went reluctantly, having run out of excuses not to go. I hadn’t even bothered watching the entire trailer. All I knew was that Jordan Peele, a well known comedian, was attempting to tackle issues of racism in the form of a “thriller,” and I simply wasn’t interested. But there I was, front and center, at a movie theater in Southwest Atlanta, surrounded by other anxious movie goers. Luckily, I also had a frozen margarita. This was the moment of truth.

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That Time I Totally Agreed With Omarosa About White Privilege


I’m sure you guys all remember Omarosa. Granted, she’s not that easy to forget. The tough cookie and former contestant on Donald Trump’s hit show The Apprentice has made her mark in the entertainment world as… for lack of a better phrase, “Someone you don’t want to f*ck with.”

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