9 Questions I Have After Last Night’s BET Awards


It’s that time of year of again-time to recap the BET Awards, that is. Last night, our friends over at Black Entertainment Television delivered yet another captivating award show that we’ll remember for years to come. From amazing Prince tributes, to some not so amazing performances, the BET Awards, like always, if nothing else, gave us something to talk about. After watching, I have 9 pressing questions that I need answered.

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BET Hip Hop Awards Airs Tonight


Tonight, get ready as Uncle Snoop prepares to host the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards. Let’s be real. Uncle Snoop is 80% of the reason I’m tuning in. You just NEVER know what this guy is going to say. You can catch the awards tonight on BET at 8p/7c.

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Nicki Minaj Comes For Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s


Just in case you missed it: Last night Nicki Minaj got real Queens and called Miley Cyrus out onstage. It was a bit awkward for everyone, but I must admit, it made for great TV. All of this comes after Miley made a few controversial statements about Nicki during her interview with The New York Times.

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10 Celebs I Like More After Social Media, 8 Celebs I Like Less, & 6 I Wish I Didn’t Follow


We all have our favorite celebrities. Some we like more than others. But let’s be honest, social media has really changed the way we look at some of our faves. Social media has allowed us to really get inside famous people’s heads…and sometimes, to be quite frank, I wish we didn’t have this kind of access.

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6 Reasons Why I’m Here for Drake & Serena’s Relationship


So if you haven’t heard, the rumors are true. Drake and Serena are officially a couple, and I’m beside myself. I absolutely adore the both of them, and now that they’ve come together in perfect harmony, I’m not sure my soul can take all this joy.

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In Case You Didn’t Know, Drake Dissed Meek Mill-The Funniest Twitter Reactions


I woke up with crust in my eyes, after getting some extra good sleep last night. Like the millennial that I am, I rolled over to power on my beloved iPhone. And let me just tell you, the joy that I got when I opened Twitter, and found out that Drake had dissed Meek Mill…it was like my direct deposit had hit.

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6 Times Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj Proved They’re The Pettiest Couple in Rap History


In case you’ve been out of the loop, Nicki Minaj and her ex Safaree Samuels have been going at each other’s throats since they split. And even though they’ve both “moved on”, they always seem to find time to take shots at each other.

But now Nicki’s new boo, Philly rapper Meek Mill has joined in on the messiness, making things even crazier than they were before. It seems like these two just can’t stay off of social media.

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How the Nicki Minaj & Taylor Swift Twitter Beef Showed the Differences Between Black & White Feminists


So the MTV VMA (Video Music Awards) nominations rolled out yesterday, and shortly after, things got a little…well a lot heated on Twitter. Nicki Minaj, who felt she’d been overlooked, took to the social network to express herself. Unexpectedly, Taylor Swift had something to say (to Nicki) as well.

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