Feature Friday: Meet Aaron Tucker

Ever meet someone who looks like art? Like they’re so well put together-everything they wear, do and say-it seems so cool, yet so natural…and you’re always like, “Why didn’t I think of that?” I guess that’s kinda how you have to be when you’re a fashion stylist. I mean, it doesn’t hurt to be…FASHIONABLE…on the cutting edge…able to see the world how most people can’t. Well that’s exactly what Aaron Tucker is-a creative in every sense of the word-an enigma, perhaps. He could absolutely sit down for a drink with Cher in Manhattan, and then the next minute, be posted up at the bar being super cool and straight out of a music video with his boys in Harlem. (And yes, I meant THAT Cher. He helped style her.) You just never know with this guy. But to me, that’s the beauty of it all. And anyway, I think he’s definitely worth knowing. Check out my interview with him below.

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The Top 15 Greatest Reality Stars of All Time


Being that I’m an 80’s baby, I was around for the start of reality TV, and have had the opportunity to watch it evolve over the years. I must admit, things have changed a lot since we first got the chance to step inside the homes of complete strangers, but one thing has managed to remain the same–these people make for great TV.

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Black Lives Matter Activists Just Pulled Off the Greatest Stunt of All Time


I don’t even know where to start with this awesome story. I mean, everything about it is brilliant! On Friday, Black Lives Matter activists invaded a hoity-toity restaurant in Manhattan, New York, and the result was amazing. Just click below.

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Brandy Stars in Broadway Musical Chicago


Brandy Norwood is making her Broadway debut next month as Roxie Hart in the classic Broadway musical Chicago. In case you’re unfamiliar, Chicago takes place in 1920’s Prohibition-era Chicago, with focus being on crime and what it means to be a “celebrity criminal.”

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“Obama Doesn’t Love America” Rudy Giuliani- Please Have a Seat


This week, during a private dinner featuring Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Rudy Giuliani took it upon himself to put his foot in his mouth once again. This time, he wasn’t talking about how Eric Garner caused his own death. This time he was telling everyone how much President Obama hates America.

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New York Fashion Week: Kanye’s Fashion Line…Ye or Nay?


This hasn’t been a good two weeks for Kanye. He’s acted an ASS at the Grammy’s once again, and now, he’s put out a fashion line that almost nobody likes. Including me. Now normally, I’m a Kanye fan. I’m the first to run to his aide when he’s gotten a little out of control. Personally, I’ve always felt he was a misunderstood musical genius. But today, I surrender. There’s no way I can defend his constant assault on other artists, or his horrible attempt to step into the wonderful world of haute couture.

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