KarmaJonez Attends ATL Advanced Screening of Almost Christmas-My Heart is Full


When I first saw advertisements for Almost Christmas, I gotta admit, I was excited, but not for the reasons I think most people were. Mostly, I was ready to see Mo’Nique get back on the silver screen, and I was equally glad that ol’ Danny Glover was still cashing those checks in Hollywood. Those two things alone were enough to spark my interest, but I just wasn’t sure if I was thrilled about seeing what I assumed would be another This Christmas.

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Oprah and Eddie Murphy Have Been Added to the Cast of Upcoming Richard Pryor Biopic


So it’s happening. The Richard Pryor biopic is in the works, and production will begin in March of 2016. Lucky for us, Lee Daniels and Harvey Weinstein have put together an amazing, star-studded cast, and I definitely think this movie is gonna go down in history books.

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KarmaJonez Attends the Pre-Screening of “Vacation” It Hits Theaters July 29th, & It is a Must-See!


If you’re not familiar with the Griswolds, then you probably had a terrible childhood. Ok. That was a bit harsh. But let’s just say, it probably wasn’t as fulfilled. I mean, this is an American classic. And although most of us feared that a remake would ruin its legacy, “Vacation” actually did quite the opposite. Reviving old memories, and creating new ones, this movie is one for the history books.

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San Andreas is a Must See: Karma Jonez Attends Atlanta Screening


So of course when I got an invite to a screening of the much anticipated film, San Andreas, I was more than thrilled. I’d been dying to see a new movie, and naturally, I’m always down to look at “The Rock” for a few hours. But I have to say, the movie was not what I expected at all.

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