14 Things I Sincerely Hope We Leave in 2015

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background

This year has been…interesting. A lot of things have happened. The Nae Nae, Donald Trump, Raven-Symone…Madonna kissed Drake. I mean, this year has really been a doozy. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m totally looking forward to 2016. (I have a thing for even numbers.) But while 2015 was QUITE entertaining, there are some things that reaaalllly got on my nerves this year. Let me break it down for you-here are the top 14 things I hope to GOD we leave right here in 2015.

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In a Netflix & Chill Generation, How Early Is TOO Early for Sex?


Wanna come over?” You’re lying in bed, or maybe cleaning up around the house. You could be sitting at your desk at work, trying to make that deadline that’s been hanging over your head for the last week, or you could be grocery shopping, trying to figure out how to make low fat homemade pizza…you know, you’re doing girl stuff. But you stop, read the text, and all of a sudden, your mind races. You quickly run down a list of responses in your head. How should you respond? What should you say? Hell yea, you wanna come over…but deep down, you’re kinda anxious. Before you respond, you know this is going to require the intelligence of your oh so opinionated group of friends, so like any girl with a problem that needs solving, you toss your troubles into the groupchat. They can handle this…right?

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Laverne Cox Writes Poignant Essay in Response to Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair Cover


Yesterday, Caitlyn Jenner, (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) broke the internet with her triumphant revelation of Caitlyn, the woman she claims she always knew she was on the inside. While there have been different opinions on Caitlyn’s transition, varying from heart warming to downright transphobic, one thing none of us can ignore is Caitlyn’s privilege.

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This Guy’s Pissed That Laverne Cox Was Invited to the Party


Laverne Cox, who rose to stardom as a stylish hair slayer in the Netflix original Orange is the New Black, has been breaking down barriers since she first stepped on to the scene. Now, the actress has taken things a step further by doing something none of us ever saw coming. She’s posing nude in this month’s issue of Allure magazine. Continue reading