Ayesha, Steph & the Lusty Chic in the Stands


(Photo:Getty Images 9:9)

Steph and Ayesha Curry met at the Central Church of God in Charlotte, North Carolina when they were teens. They’re like the Cosby family of professional sports. By the grace of God, they’ve managed to stay scandal free throughout Curry’s amazing career. Ayesha Curry spends her free time making fresh squeezed lemonade and baking cakes with their adorable daughter, Riley (who may or may not be more famous than both of them combined). This week, however, the Internet was ready for a scandal. They’d had enough of this picture perfect family, they wanted the DIRT.

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Lebron James is a Saint: He Pledges $87 Million to Kids From His Hometown to Attend College


We’ve seen it before. A lot of athletes are awesome on the court, but really shitty people off the court. But that doesn’t apply to Mr. Lebron James. Not only is he one of the greatest people to ever pick up a basketball, but apparently, he’s also one of the greatest people to ever walk the earth.

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Basketball Wives LA Returns With Season 4

Ahhhhh yes. Here’s what I’ve been waiting for. July 12th, the Basketball Wives of L.A. are back. From Malaysia’s divorce, to Jackie Christie running around acting like everybody’s mama, things are going to get crazy. Per usual, according this trailer, it seems like people are still attacking Draya for no reason, and as always, she seems completely unbothered.

The new girls are Patrice Curry, the wife of NBA player Eddy Curry, Angel Brinks, ex-girlfriend of Tyreke Evens, and Mehgan James. Sundy Carter was apparently given the boot, so she will not be returning. Neither will our girl Brittish.

This season is going to be a doozy. Check out the trailer.

SisterWives: Lou Williams & His Girlfriends-The Double Standard


As many of you have probably heard, Toronto Raptors star Lou Williams has two girlfriends…and they know about each other. The threesome was spotted in Atlanta a few days ago at Club Prive livin it up. They were drinking, dancing, and smoking hookah like it was 1999, Baby!

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