Break Ups, Broken Hearts, & the Crew Departs: “Invite Only Cabo” Episode 7 & 8

As the crew anticipates the arrival of Larry’s mystery boo, Emily struggles to find ways to handle some unfinished business with hers. She ends up breaking the bad news to her man Joseph, and as expected, he doesn’t take it well. He demands that Emily stay away from Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome Agu, but Emily isn’t willing to give up ALL of her vacay fun just yet.

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Adieu Agu: “Invite Only Cabo” Episode 6

Jermane and Malaku plan a beach getaway to escape the madhouse for a few hours, leaving the rest of the crew back at the ranch to deal with their drama. The two are feeling a little left out, wondering who the special person in Larry’s life is. Emily and her boyfriend Joseph have a nice night in Larry’s suite, getting the alone time that they desperately need. The couple seems to be enjoying themselves, and Emily’s secret is still safe-for now.

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AJ the Hurricane: “Invite Only Cabo” Episode 5

Episode 5, and the crew is in for a (very) rude awakening. Larry’s good friend AJ, an actress turned personal trainer and life coach arrives on the scene like a hellcat, muscles flexin’. She’s loud, she’s out of control, she’s passionate. But will she fit in at the house?

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New Movie Alert: Sicario Hits Theaters Next Month


In Mexico, “SICARIO” means “hitman”.

In the lawless border area stretching between the U.S. and Mexico, an idealistic FBI agent [Emily Blunt] is enlisted by an elite government task force official [Josh Brolin] to aid in the escalating war against drugs.

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Watch: Infamous Drug Lord El Chapo Gives Prison the Deuces


I think it’s pretty clear to most of us that Mexican drug lord El Chapo is the King of Badass. This guy is just so damn elusive. Like, this whole thing is pretty fascinating. Check out video of his escape and get a chance to go INSIDE the tunnel that gave him his freedom.

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