Sherri Sheppard Explains Why Shows Like WETV’s #MatchMadeinHeaven are Important


Last night, I had the pleasure of schmoozing and hanging out with the big wigs over at WETV, along with the new cast of “Match Made in Heaven.” It was pretty cool. And I have to say, thanks to Sherri Sheppard, I have a new perspective on what this show has to offer.

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Karma Jonez Covers V103’s Stacii Jae’s Single Girls Club Experience in ATL-Interviews With Shawn Bullard & Stacii Jae Johnson


In this day and age, it seems like meaningful relationships are hard to come by. Everyone is so caught up in their day to day activities, that dating and interpersonal relationships can become a hassle. For women, being single can can come with a lot of stigmas. But Stacii Jae Johnson is determined to change the way people view single women, and the way that single women view themselves.

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