Sony Is About Those Coins, So They’re Gonna Pull Beyonce’s Music From Tidal


Photograph: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images For Roc Natio

Le sigh. I hate that this is happening. I’ve been rooting for Tidal all the way, but this ship is sinking fast, and Jay and Bey are all out of life preservers.

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Madonna Kissed Drake at Coachella & He Was Grossed Out

In case you missed it…over the weekend, people from all over the world travelled to a popular Californian art and music festival by the name of Coachella. Judging from the pictures and videos I’ve seen online, everyone was drunk and high out of their minds. Although many of the videos were QUITE entertaining (I especially loved Rihanna’s drunken vids), one video in particular has been making headlines. The kiss heard around the world…featuring Madonna and Drake has caused a bit of a stir. During her performance, Madonna, who’s known for her over the top sexuality, decided to give Drake a big, nasty, wet kiss. And his reaction was priceless. Take a look!

Thoughts? Should Madonna just keep her tongue in her mouth for a change?


The TIDAL Backlash & What It Says About Our Generation


Just like the rest of you, I sat by my computer yesterday, anxiously awaiting the “game changing” announcement from Jay Z we’d been hearing so much about. Everywhere we looked, we saw “Tidal” this, and “Tidal” that, but really, most of us had no idea what the hell Tidal actually was. We didn’t know the details. We didn’t know what it meant for the future of music, our favorite artists, and to be honest, most of us still aren’t really all that clear. But what HAS become painfully clear now that the dust has settled, and we’re all well in to the morning after, is one thing: We are so f*cking entitled.

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The Grammys: A SnoozeFest: The Good, The Bad, and Rihanna’s Dress.


The 2015 Grammys was everything I hadn’t hoped for. It was 3 and a half long hours of me trying to keep my eyes open just in case something exciting actually happened. Overall, I was pretty unimpressed with the show. I was hoping to get life from Kanye and Pharrell’s performances, but Kanye’s set was underwhelming and if I hear “Happy” one more time, BABY I’m going berserk! But towards the end, things got good. And there were even some fun moments on the red carpet. Check out my favorite moments at the Grammys. The Good, The Bad, and Rihanna’s Dress.

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