The Transgender Community, Boycotts & the Breakfast Club

Last week, comedian Lil Duval appeared as a guest on the “World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show,” the Breakfast Club. The discussion turned to the transgender community, as one of the guests that week had been transgender activist, author, and host Janet Mock. While on, the crew asked Duval what he would do in the instance that he’d slept with a trans person, without prior knowledge of the person’s gender assignment at birth. Duval responded by saying that he’d “probably kill them.” Of course…that didn’t go well. There isn’t a PR person on this planet that could make what he said sound good, and honestly, they shouldn’t even try. Immediately after that comment, all members of the Breakfast Club informed Duval that murdering a trans person is a hate crime. However, that didn’t stop people from boycotting Charlamagne, and boycotting The Breakfast Club into this week. But now, I have questions.

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Tyra Banks Gets Emotional About Not Being Able to Have Kids


Just when I was starting to be OK with how loudly my biological clock is ticking, I came across this video and now I feel like I need to have a baby ASAP. Anybody willing to help a sistah out? I’m kidding!…I think. The truth is, this video of Tyra has me feeling some kind of way! Damn you, Tyra!

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