9 Questions I Have After Last Night’s BET Awards


It’s that time of year of again-time to recap the BET Awards, that is. Last night, our friends over at Black Entertainment Television delivered yet another captivating award show that we’ll remember for years to come. From amazing Prince tributes, to some not so amazing performances, the BET Awards, like always, if nothing else, gave us something to talk about. After watching, I have 9 pressing questions that I need answered.

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Kendrick Lamar & the Most Lit Black History Month I’ve Ever Lived Through


Leading up to Black History Month, Black folk started to get a little restless. We knew our month was just there on the horizon, and our ancestors were starting to call on us to bring our Blackness to the forefront. It didn’t take us long to straighten up, and fly right, of course. At the Golden Globes just last month, Denzel Washington received the Cecille B. DeMille Award for his outstanding contributions to Hollywood, accepting his award in the Blackest, most down home way possible. Then there was Jamie Foxx, who chastised director Quentin Taratino for his use of the word “ghetto” in his acceptance speech.

Only a few days later, our dear President-Barack Hussein Obama, who delivered my favorite State of the Union address to date, kindly reminded everyone from sea to shining sea to, Ask Osama bin Laden about me.” 

Oh yea, we were just getting warmed up. It wasn’t even February 1st, yet.

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Kendrick Lamar Will Be Stephen Colbert’s First Musical Guest


Kendrick Lamar has become a household name over the last couple of months. It seems like he’s everywhere I turn, and fortunately, he’s showing no signs of falling off. According to The Wrap, during a press conference on Monday, TV host Stephen Colbert announced that Kendrick would be his first musical guest on the new Late Show.

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