People Who Are Suffering From Mental Illness Don’t Need Your Prayers, They Need Your Help


About twenty-four and a half Kanye Twitter rants later, and things just aren’t as funny anymore. We all had a good laugh at Kanye’s expense, but now, laughing doesn’t quite seem like the right thing to do. It’s become uncomfortable. It’s like when someone tells a salacious joke in a room full of people you don’t really know…you look around, taking cues from everybody else. It’s awkward, it makes you feel uneasy, the air is thick. Yea, that’s how this thing with Kanye is now. It’s become a really, really bad joke.

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Kanye vs. Amber & the NeverEnding Objectification/Slut Shaming of Women


It’s been 6 years since Amber Rose and Kanye West have been romantically involved, but it’s crystal clear that Kanye is still traumatized by the breakup. I mean, he hasn’t smiled since-and I guess making all of that sad (but FIRE) music just didn’t get rid of the heartache. As we’ve all witnessed countless times before, Kanye just isn’t equipped to deal with his emotions in a civilized way. So, as expected, he did what a lot of men do when their egos are on the line–reduce women to their sexuality.

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Kim K Blasts Wendy Williams on Twitter


One thing we know about Aunt Wendy is that she can’t keep her mouth shut. She’s going to say whatever she wants, and she’s going to have absolutely no qualms about it. Recently, Wendy announced that Kim K would be using an Asian surrogate this time around, and apparently, Kim K didn’t take too kindly to that. Those pregnancy hormones must have gotten the best of Kimmy because she went on a little Twitter rant to set the record straight. (Well according to her it wasn’t a rant) You be the judge.

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Spike Lee to Shoot a Film Called “Chiraq” Making Some Chicago Residents Unhappy


(Getty Images/Patrick Fraser)

Well I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been waiting for the return of Spike Lee for a very long time. Kinda like how we felt when Mike made a return, wearing the number 45, we’re excited, we’re watching, we’re hopeful.

While I couldn’t be more happy to see Spike getting back to work, it seems like he’s already ruffled some feathers.

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