“Get Out”-5 Ways to Tell When a Black Person is in The Sunken Place

Two weeks ago, I was dragged to the theater to see “Get Out,” a movie I had already dubbed the worst movie of 2017. I went reluctantly, having run out of excuses not to go. I hadn’t even bothered watching the entire trailer. All I knew was that Jordan Peele, a well known comedian, was attempting to tackle issues of racism in the form of a “thriller,” and I simply wasn’t interested. But there I was, front and center, at a movie theater in Southwest Atlanta, surrounded by other anxious movie goers. Luckily, I also had a frozen margarita. This was the moment of truth.

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People Who Are Suffering From Mental Illness Don’t Need Your Prayers, They Need Your Help


About twenty-four and a half Kanye Twitter rants later, and things just aren’t as funny anymore. We all had a good laugh at Kanye’s expense, but now, laughing doesn’t quite seem like the right thing to do. It’s become uncomfortable. It’s like when someone tells a salacious joke in a room full of people you don’t really know…you look around, taking cues from everybody else. It’s awkward, it makes you feel uneasy, the air is thick. Yea, that’s how this thing with Kanye is now. It’s become a really, really bad joke.

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14 Things I Sincerely Hope We Leave in 2015

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background

This year has been…interesting. A lot of things have happened. The Nae Nae, Donald Trump, Raven-Symone…Madonna kissed Drake. I mean, this year has really been a doozy. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m totally looking forward to 2016. (I have a thing for even numbers.) But while 2015 was QUITE entertaining, there are some things that reaaalllly got on my nerves this year. Let me break it down for you-here are the top 14 things I hope to GOD we leave right here in 2015.

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Why I Respect The Kardashians and You Should Too


Kylie Jenner’s lip kit sold out in less than a minute. Yep. You read that right-60 seconds. It takes me longer to make my instant oatmeal in the morning before work. But when you’re Kylie Jenner, a member of a klan that Cosmopolitan has dubbed this country’s “First Family” (that was some bullsh*t by the way), then of COURSE your lip kit sells out in 30 seconds. Makes sense.

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BET Hip Hop Awards Airs Tonight


Tonight, get ready as Uncle Snoop prepares to host the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards. Let’s be real. Uncle Snoop is 80% of the reason I’m tuning in. You just NEVER know what this guy is going to say. You can catch the awards tonight on BET at 8p/7c.

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Ok. We Get It Kim and Kanye. You Wanna Be Worst Dressed.


Dear sweet Coco Chanel, make it stop! I’ve had about enough of the eyesore that is Kim and Kanye’s fashion. My goodness, I understand that everyone gets to choose what they put on their bodies, but why must it be such a bloody catastrophe? We GET IT KimYe. You’re DIFFERENT. You win! *hands you medal* But…WYD?

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What Kanye Becoming the Next President Means for America (I Hope)


Last night during one of the most bizarre VMA Awards shows to date, Kanye West made a confusing speech that was extremely hard to follow, and at the end of the speech, he announced his bid for Presidency. This doesn’t come as a surprise, given that Kanye pretty much believes he can do anything. And to be honest, he probably can. I don’t see why being the President of the United States should get crossed off of that list.

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KimYe is Pregnant…Again!


If you’re like me, you’ve been enjoying the many faces of Kim and Kanye’s first baby girl, North West. But you’ve also been wondering when Kim and Kanye were going to get pregnant with baby number two. Kim’s sister, Kourtney has been popping out babies left and right, and now Kim is finally playing catch up.

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