The Phone Call I Hope Happened After Chris Rock’s Horrible Oscar Performance


I wasn’t going to watch at first. I had made up in my mind that the Academy didn’t deserve my viewership. Really, it didn’t deserve ANY of our viewership…people of color, that is. After all, it was the 88th Academy Awards, and we were still having a conversation about the lack of diversity. We were tired. But ironically, the Academy asked Chris Rock, a legendary comedian, known for making crude jokes and pushing the envelope as far as it could possibly go to host this year’s ceremony. And while I had pledged not to tune in on Sunday, I just had to see it for myself. I wanted to see Chris tear the Academy a new one, LIVE and in color.

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‘Training Day’ Is On Its Way to Becoming a TV Series


Everybody’s heard of Alonzo Harris. The I don’t give a f*ck, drug using, bottle poppin’, foul mouthed, trigger happy, no good detective in the movie “Training Day.” A wolf in sheep’s clothing, Alonzo Harris is probably one of the greatest characters to ever grace the big screen. Naturally, when you have such a powerful character, you need to find an actor that is just as powerful. *enters Denzel Washington* Hey boo. *waves* It’s been about 15 years since we first met Alonzo, and thanks to the people over at CBS, we’ll meet again very soon.

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Jamie Foxx Stops In Atlanta to Announce New Album “Hollywood”


Well ladies, and gentlemen, Jamie Foxx is back with a new album. Last week, he made a pit stop in Hotlanta to chat with press, friends and fans about what’s next for him. His new album entitled “Hollywood”, is set for release on RCA Records, May 18th.

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The Grammys: A SnoozeFest: The Good, The Bad, and Rihanna’s Dress.


The 2015 Grammys was everything I hadn’t hoped for. It was 3 and a half long hours of me trying to keep my eyes open just in case something exciting actually happened. Overall, I was pretty unimpressed with the show. I was hoping to get life from Kanye and Pharrell’s performances, but Kanye’s set was underwhelming and if I hear “Happy” one more time, BABY I’m going berserk! But towards the end, things got good. And there were even some fun moments on the red carpet. Check out my favorite moments at the Grammys. The Good, The Bad, and Rihanna’s Dress.

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Columbus Short Off His Rocker: Threatens to Kill Jamie Foxx


Wait a minute. Wait one damn minute. Who is in charge of Columbus Short? Please…HELP! We need ALL the prescriptions! This man can’t find not a single ONE of his marbles! See, I used to have his back. I thought people were just giving him a hard time. I probably was blinded by all his fineness, but hey, I’m only human.

This time, however, I can’t part my lips to say a THING in defense of Mr. Columbus Short. He really needs help. Apparently, his new baby mama had to call the PoPo on the former Scandal star, taking a restraining order out on him last week. According to her, Short has been physically and emotionally abusive to her and her son.

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