Thank God Kodak Black Doesn’t Like Black Women

Every now and again, a celebrity makes the mistake of actually sharing their thoughts on social media. I don’t call it a “mistake” because I think celebrities shouldn’t share their opinions, I call it a “mistake” because it turns out that a lot of the things they have to say are, well…stupid. I don’t know if these guys are sniffing too much coke up there in Hollywood, or what-but it’s clear that an intervention needs to be had.

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Chris Brown, Soulja Boy, Violence, and How Social Media Ruined Celebrity

The great prophet Puff Daddy P. Diddy Sean Combs warned us back in 2009 of the b*tchassness epidemic sweeping the nation-unfortunately, none of us took him seriously. Almost a decade later, here we are, glued to our phones, watching Chris Brown and Soulja Boy threaten each other across the interwebs. In our defense, who among us could’ve ever predicted n*ggas would take it this far? We’re sorry, Puff.

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10 Best Posts from Drake’s Daddy’s Instagram Page


In the wee hours of the morning, I stumbled upon gold. An unexpected treasure. Every now and again, in social media land, you stumble upon a Twitter or Instagram account that brings you great joy. My latest obsession–Drake’s dad.

Drake AKA Mr. Champagne Papi is quite a character, himself. Everything from his clothes, to his raps to his photo shoots, this guy really is the entertainer of all entertainers. And judging from Drake’s pappy’s Instagram page, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

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You Have to Follow Socality Barbie on Instagram


We’ve all seen them. Really annoying posts from people we follow on Instagram. Whether it’s the “my life is way better than yours” post, the “check me out, I’m such a deep thinker” update, or the “caught me off guard” pic, we all know it when we see it. And that’s why this @Socality Barbie account is so great. Take a walk with me down a reallllly shady road, as we explore the world of Socality.

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How The Internet Has Made Us Shi*ttier People


I like the internet. Nothing keeps me entertained like the interwebs on any given day. From hot topics, to celebrity gossip, and just downright foolery, you are guaranteed to get whatever it is that you’re looking for on the internet daily. But one thing I’ve noticed about social media is that it can get reeeallly superficial. And essentially, I’d be willing to bet that it’s kinda ruining our psyche.

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TeamSingle TV #ATL Edition

Real People Find Real Love

With TeamSingle TV

On April 15th, TeamSingle TV is hosting their first Singles’ Mixer at 2101 Tula St NW Atlanta, GA 30309. After making several successful “Love Connections”, at their private event last month, TeamSingle TV has decided to take things a step further, by opening the event to the public! Join them next week, for good company, non-stop fun, and great conversation! Tell a friend to tell a friend. $10 at the door. Men free before 8 PM! Don’t say I ne

ver tried to help!

For all inquiries, email and follow them at @TeamSingleTV


KarmaJonez Exclusive: Karma Gets to Know Ernestine Johnson


If you’ve been paying attention, there’s no question that you’ve heard of Ernestine Johnson. If you’re a social media Queen (or King) like me, you first came across this young lady on Instagram or maybe even Youtube. It seemed like everywhere I looked, I saw her video. She even became the topic of discussion in some of my groupchats with my besites, everyone praising her for her honesty, for her undeniable skill, for her raw talent.

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Amber Rose Photo Causes Social Media Tizzy

So, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Amber Rose’s booty has dimples in it. Apparently social media users are NOT happy about it, either. Everyone’s been blasting Amber, saying she ain’t what she “Post to Be”…but I feel like that’s just something we’ve all come to accept in Instagramland. Check out this pic and tell me what you think. Are people making much ado about nothing, or do people need to chill on the filters?


Here’s Amber’s response:


Thoughts? Are people trying to body shame Muva Rose, or are we ALL ashamed of the way we look? (hence the filters & alleged photoshop)

I’m gonna tell you like this: Stretch marks and cellulite are a part of life when you have a big butt, thighs, or ANYTHING. I’ve learned to embrace my flaws. It’s taken a while, but I did it!