10 Black Men Who Are Sexier Than Blake Shelton that Could Have Made People’s Cover

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s always fun and exciting to see who’s going to be on People’s Sexiest Man Alive cover each year. When this time comes around, I’m always taking bets on who the lucky man (in more ways than one) could possibly be. But after seeing the big reveal yesterday, with Blake Shelton named the Sexiest Man for 2017, I have thoughts.

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Author of “007” Says Idris Elba is “Too Street” To Play James Bond, & I Say He Doesn’t Know WTF “Street” Is


*Longest sigh known to man* Ahem. So today I concluded that Anthony Horowitz is wack. Yep. He’s proved it publicly this week. When asked about the much anticipated “007” movie and its potential lead, Idris Elba, Horowitz responded by calling the star “too street” for the role.

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Fine Ass Idris Elba is The First Man on Maxim Cover


Imagine a man sculpted by Jesus, using the best ganache chocolate the world has ever seen. Now imagine that this piece of chocolate man is over 6 feet tall with teeth made of the finest pearls…and he has a British accent that could melt the panties off of Mother Theresa. Can you imagine that? Well, that’s Idris Elba.

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