10 Things We Learned from Season 2 of Insecure

For the last two seasons, Issa Rae has done an incredible job of portraying the semi-bougie, Black millennial experience. From brunches to bedrooms, Insecure is a must watch because it’s so relatable, and so on point. Season 1 was definitely full of gems, but this season, there were a couple of things that I think we should all take note of.

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No. Bill Maher Can’t Say “Nigga”


There are white people who’ve gotten invites to our cookouts over the years. White people we consider non-threatening and “down” for the cause. These are white people who despite having white skin, relate more to Black people and Black culture than their peers. We gladly take them in, no questions asked. Teena Marie, Bill Clinton, Eminem, and Bill Maher to name a few. But sometimes, a white person will come along and get way too comfortable. They’ll show up empty handed, they’ll renege in the Spades tournament, and they’ll start taking to-go plates without saying “goodbye” to anybody, or helping to clean up. Unfortunately, at that point, their cookout pass has to be revoked. (See Rachel Dolezal)

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Will Smith & Jay Z Come Together to Share the Story of Emmett Till


Entertainment moguls Jay Z and Will Smith are working on something big, and it’s gonna be pretty epic. The two hip hop legends are coming together as producers for a new HBO mini-series that tells the story of Emmett Till, a Mississippi teenager who was brutally murdered in 1955 after being accused of flirting with a white woman.

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First Look at Kerry Washington As Anita Hill For HBO’s “Confirmation”


If you’re not familiar with the Anita Hill story, you should get familiar. The Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas case truly rocked our nation. This was a scandal before there was SCANDAL, and the plot was so THICK, that HBO just had to make a movie. And who better to call in than our girl Olivia Pope.

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The Entourage Movie Hits Theaters June 3rd



Get ready, get ready, get ready! The popular HBO series Entourage will be hitting the big screen in the form of a MOVIE in less than two weeks, and Entourage fans all over the world are about to lose it. Hell, if you weren’t already an Entourage fan, you will be before this thing is over.

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Southern Rites Premieres on HBO This Month


John Legend has gained much respect over the years for his artistry. The award winning singer/song writer never disappoints when it comes to his music. Recently, Legend has used his platform to speak out against police brutality, and has been very vocal about racial tensions in America. Now, stepping in to an Executive Producer role, Johnny boy is taking things a step further with a new film that will be airing on HBO on May 18th.

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