The Deadly Orlando Massacre-Why We Are Uncomfortable With the Real Motive Behind the Shooting


50 people were killed in an Orlando, FL nightclub over the weekend. Pulse, a well known gay club in the area was the target of a mass shooting carried out by 29-year-old Omar Mateen. While 53 more people remain hospitalized, and in critical condition, Americans have found themselves in a peculiar position-trying to figure out where to place the blame.

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Spike Lee Leads Anti-Gun Violence March, Chi-Raq, & Why I’m Sick of Black People Complaining About Him


*cracks knuckles* Ok. Looks like I’m gonna have to get down and dirty with some of you. Ever since we got wind that Spike Lee had plans on releasing his controversial film Chi-Raq, many of you have been up in arms, questioning Spike’s ethics, his talent, his moral turpitude, his ABILITY, his motives. And frankly, I’ve had about enough.

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Amy Schumer’s Satire Gun PSA Makes Some People Uncomfy


Comedienne Amy Schumer doesn’t seem to take too many things seriously in life–including herself. But one thing she happens to be extremely passionate about and takes VERY seriously, is gun control. Schumer has spoken out on a number of occasions in support of gun control laws, often times getting pretty emotional. Now, Amy is speaking out in a way that only she can–through her no holds barred comedic routine.

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