My Critique of bell hooks’ Critique of Beyonce’s “Lemonade”


bell hooks wants Beyonce’s Lemonade to bring male domination and the exploitation of the Black woman to an end.

She wants Beyonce, (and her Lemonade) to unilaterally liberate Black women and ALL women, for that matter from a looming patriarchal society that just won’t seem to cut us loose. If anyone can do it, it’s Beyonce. Right?


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Christian & Feminist: Is It Possible To Be Both?


So I’ve started watching a new reality show. It’s called “Preachers of Detroit.” It airs Friday nights at 8 PM on WETV. Because I’m usually never home, or watching TV at 8 PM on a Friday night, I caught the first few episodes on On Demand. In one of the episodes, an interesting topic was broached by one of the female Bishops on the show. She wanted to know what place women had as heads of the church, if any at all.

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I’m A Feminist, And I Still Have a Man.


A wise woman once said: “I’ll be Post-Feminist, POST Patriarchy.” Who that wise woman was, I don’t know…saw it on a bumper sticker. But whoever the sister was, I FEEL her. I think the time has come for us to really understand what it means to be a feminist. There are so many men who think feminism equals militant, man-hating, and unhappy. I’m here to say, NO. Feminists are actually quite the opposite.

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