Facebook’s New Genius Publishing Deal is…Genius


Just when we thought we could leave Facebook to our aunties n ‘nem…they introduced Instant Articles. This new product is a publisher’s dream. It allows people to post quick, interactive articles on the site without the hassle. Here’s an excerpt from the product’s website:

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Jada Pinkett-Smith May Not Be Jumping on the Hillary Clinton Bandwagon


Jada, oh Jada. You just gotta love her! Since her days as “Lena James” on the 80’s hit show A Different World, she’s been a constant reminder that big things really do come in small packages. Nearly 30 years later, now a mother, wife, and self proclaimed “womanist,” nothing much has changed.

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TeamSingle TV #ATL Edition

Real People Find Real Love

With TeamSingle TV

On April 15th, TeamSingle TV is hosting their first Singles’ Mixer at 2101 Tula St NW Atlanta, GA 30309. After making several successful “Love Connections”, at their private event last month, TeamSingle TV has decided to take things a step further, by opening the event to the public! Join them next week, for good company, non-stop fun, and great conversation! Tell a friend to tell a friend. $10 at the door. Men free before 8 PM! Don’t say I ne

ver tried to help!

For all inquiries, email TeamSingleTV@gmail.com and follow them at @TeamSingleTV


Is It Just Me, or Are All of Our Friends Getting Married?

As my biological clock ticks, and my wedding finger starts to itch,  can’t help but notice that everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY is getting married. Facebook has become a never ending display of wedding photo albums, and I don’t think I can take much more. Is is just me, or are all of our friends getting married?