10 Black Men Who Are Sexier Than Blake Shelton that Could Have Made People’s Cover

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s always fun and exciting to see who’s going to be on People’s Sexiest Man Alive cover each year. When this time comes around, I’m always taking bets on who the lucky man (in more ways than one) could possibly be. But after seeing the big reveal yesterday, with Blake Shelton named the Sexiest Man for 2017, I have thoughts.

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The First Lady of Cabo: Invite Only Cabo Episode 4

It’s Busy Body Bianca’s birthday, and everybody is ready for the ultimate turn up. After learning that Kamani is doing much better after her accident, the crew decides to jump back into the party scene like they never left. Kamani’s close call succeeded in bringing the group together, even alleviating tensions between Kamani, Bianca, and Agu. However, with neck brace and all, Kamani still finds time to call Emily a twist off cap bottle of wine, so I’m not sure how far we’ve actually come.

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Hair, Hoopla, and High Notes: Episode 7 of WE TV’s “Cutting it in the ATL”


Another week, another episode of Cutting it in the ATL. And per usual, instead of giving hair cuts, these ladies are being cut THROAT. I must say, a few of the hair divas surprised me this time. Maybe things could be turning around for the group?

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KarmaJonez Attends FX Screening of “ATLANTA”: My Review


A few years ago, I moved to Atlanta, GA. At the time, I was stuck in Washington, D.C., unsure of my next move, and tired of the same old same. Rent was too damn high, and the money wasn’t coming in fast enough. Like many young, Black people with a dollar and a dream, I viewed Atlanta as the Mecca-a place I could go to fulfill my dreams. And for me, it turned out that was true.That was back in 2013.

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Sherri Sheppard Explains Why Shows Like WETV’s #MatchMadeinHeaven are Important


Last night, I had the pleasure of schmoozing and hanging out with the big wigs over at WETV, along with the new cast of “Match Made in Heaven.” It was pretty cool. And I have to say, thanks to Sherri Sheppard, I have a new perspective on what this show has to offer.

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KarmaJonez Exclusive: Karma Attends Private Screening of TV One’s “Here We Go Again”


Last night in ATL,TV OneHip Hop Weekly and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey partnered to bring the city’s movers and shakers out for an awesome screening party. TV One’s rebranding efforts are responsible for a bunch of new shows on the network, one of them being a show called “Here We Go Again.” Starring Wendy Raquel Robinson, Letoya Luckett, and newcomers Kyndall Ferguson and Andra Fuller, “Here We Go Again” promises to bring a new and exciting energy to Black television.

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So Don Cheadle is Going to Play Miles Davis in a Movie


Don Cheadle is a brilliant actor. In my opinion, he tends to get overlooked. I think it’s great that this brother is finally getting the chance to star in another role that will showcase his tremendous talent, proving to the world once again, just how versatile he really is. In his most recent film, Miles Ahead, Cheadle takes on legendary jazz musician, Miles Davis. And something tells me, this may be some of his best work yet.

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Why Chris Rock Shouldn’t Boycott the Oscars

chris rock

Another awards season, another lily white Oscars, and more awards for people who kinda deserve them. And just like we all were expecting the Oscars to be as pale as the Brady Bunch, we were also expecting Black people to have something to say about it. This year, those people happen to be Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett-Smith. These two have decided to boycott the Oscars, and are calling on Black actors in Hollywood to do the same. While I completely agree with Spike and Jada, and I think the Academy is full of sh*t, there’s one little thing we’re forgetting-Chris Rock’s Black ass is the host.

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8 Things I Learned About Dating from “The Perfect Guy”


Like most of you, I couldn’t wait to go out and see The Perfect Guy. It had some of my favorite people in it, so I was excited about it’s debut. When I went to see it, I enjoyed it, but I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed. Aside from the very flat characters, and the forced storyline, I was highly disappointed in Sanaa’s poor dating decisions! Here’s what I learned (not to do).

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