When I Drop My Rap Album, Comey’s Photo Will Be on the Cover


“Lordy, I hope there are tapes,” Comey says, as he lights a cigarette in a dark room, wishin’ a muthafucka would. “‘Trump?” Haven’t heard that name in years,'” he scoffs as he puts the cigarette out on a wooden desk. He pops his collar, and flicks away a piece of lint ¬†resting on his blazer. The clock strikes seven. (The aforementioned events have not been confirmed, and were in fact completely made up by KarmaJonez. The rest is real doe.)

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9 Questions I Have After Last Night’s BET Awards


It’s that time of year of again-time to recap the BET Awards, that is. Last night, our friends over at Black Entertainment Television delivered yet another captivating award show that we’ll remember for years to come. From amazing Prince tributes, to some not so amazing performances, the BET Awards, like always, if nothing else, gave us something to talk about. After watching, I have 9 pressing questions that I need answered.

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Drake’s Grammy Nomination for “Back to Back” Proves We Have a Love Affair With Messiness


Y’all so damn messy. *shakes head* Yes, it’s official. Y’all realllly love drama. That’s the only explanation for why Drake’s “Back to Back”-a DISS track that Drake probably made in 20 minutes after drinking a cup of Hennessy was nominated for a gotdamn Grammy. Y’all like mess.

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10 Best Posts from Drake’s Daddy’s Instagram Page


In the wee hours of the morning, I stumbled upon gold. An unexpected treasure. Every now and again, in social media land, you stumble upon a Twitter or Instagram account that brings you great joy. My latest obsession–Drake’s dad.

Drake AKA Mr. Champagne Papi is quite a character, himself. Everything from his clothes, to his raps to his photo shoots, this guy really is the entertainer of all entertainers. And judging from Drake’s pappy’s Instagram page, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

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BET Hip Hop Awards Airs Tonight


Tonight, get ready as Uncle Snoop prepares to host the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards. Let’s be real. Uncle Snoop is 80% of the reason I’m tuning in. You just NEVER know what this guy is going to say. You can catch the awards tonight on BET at 8p/7c.

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Serena Slayed. Drake Stayed. NY Fashion Week n Such.


Well, this happened all so quickly. One minute Drake was singing about being in love with a waitress at Hooters on Peachtree St., and now he’s banging the greatest female athlete in the world. Amazing how life can come at ya so fast!

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6 Reasons Why I’m Here for Drake & Serena’s Relationship


So if you haven’t heard, the rumors are true. Drake and Serena are officially a couple, and I’m beside myself. I absolutely adore the both of them, and now that they’ve come together in perfect harmony, I’m not sure my soul can take all this joy.

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