New Shops & Protest Props: Cutting It in the ATL Episode 9 Recap


It’s what we’ve all been waiting for: The Season Finale! And these girls aren’t taking their stilettos off the gas. The week before, there were mugshots on cakes, but last week, things got even more interesting.

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“I Feel Like I’m In a Lady Gang-I want Out” Cutting It in the ATL Recap: Episode 5


Well it looks like Maja has gotten herself into a pickle that she can’t get out of. She’s basically saying that she wants to resign from whatever gang she accidentally signed up for. In last week’s episode, it was clear that Maja was over these hair divas. But this week, things just got a little more clearer!

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Burglars. Battles. And Beefs. Oh My! : Recap of WE TV’s Cutting It Episode 3


Per usual, last week, theĀ Cutting It ladies did not disappoint. The hair divas hit the beauty salon floors RUNNING with scissors, and really gave us a show. This week was no different. The ladies kept us glued to our screens.

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