6 Reasons We Don’t Need a ‘Martin’ Reboot

A Martin¬†reboot¬†is on the horizon and I don’t like the look of it. After five years on air, the classic sitcom ended in 1997, leaving viewers with nothing but fond memories and plenty of jokes to use at family cookouts. But as much as we might miss what the Martin show has done for the culture, I’m not sure many of us are itching for a new and “improved” version. Here are 6 reasons why the reboot doesn’t need to happen.

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The Case for Mo’Nique

In the beginning, I had no plans on writing about Mo’Nique’s call for a Netflix boycott. To be honest, between Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, I’d had my fill on the subject. I finally realized that I was in the minority regarding my thoughts on her predicament, and I was fine with that. I have a lot of unpopular opinions, and that’s never been cause for me to lose sleep at night. But for some reason, I’ve been particularly bothered by the conversations around Mo’Nique’s relevancy, and the implications that she doesn’t deserve to be compensated reasonably. I’ve struggled to find the words to say over the last few days, but I think I finally got it.

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Woman Makes Youtube Video in Response to Steve Harvey’s Joke About People With Special Needs

There’s been a disturbing trend as of late. People have been videotaping and posting videos of people with special needs as a means of entertainment. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) one woman who is the mother of an autistic child doesn’t find the jokes/videos entertaining. She posted this video in response to some jokes made by Steve Harvey on his Morning Show. She was visibly upset in the video. My question is, when do we draw the line? Should she be offended, or is nothing off limits when it comes to comedy?


My Top 10 Favorite Quotes From the #BieberROAST


In case you missed, it last night, Comedy Central aired the most watched celebrity roast in all of celebrity roast history. This isn’t really surprising considering the victim (Justin Beiber), and of course, there’s Kevin Hart, who’s beginning to feel like a close family member, we see him so much. There’s also the hard truth that people just reeaaallly wanted to see Justin Bieber get his ass handed to him. It’s been a long time coming. The Roast, which I am almost positive is a huge publicity stunt, and a part of Bieber’s “Apology Tour”, was cut throat, ruthless, and downright funny.

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