Spike Lee Leads Anti-Gun Violence March, Chi-Raq, & Why I’m Sick of Black People Complaining About Him


*cracks knuckles* Ok. Looks like I’m gonna have to get down and dirty with some of you. Ever since we got wind that Spike Lee had plans on releasing his controversial film Chi-Raq, many of you have been up in arms, questioning Spike’s ethics, his talent, his moral turpitude, his ABILITY, his motives. And frankly, I’ve had about enough.

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Watch: Trailer for Spike Lee’s Controversial Film “Chi-Raq” Has Been Released


Spike Lee has been getting a lot of mixed reviews about his upcoming film Chiraq. Set in Chicago, Spike attempts to highlight the ongoing violence in parts of the city that have prompted people nationwide to question what exactly is going on out there. What about Chicago is different than any other place on the map?

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The Dandy Lion Project

Ok. I’m obsessed with clothes, fashion, style…and I’m even more interested in those things when Black men are involved. I’m in love with the Dandy Lion Project!

A photography and film project that explores Global Black Dandyism and contemporary counter-narratives of Black Masculinity has made its way to the Museum of Contemporary Photography. The exhibit opened last week on April 9th in Chicago, IL. This awesomeness was founded in 2010 by Shantrelle P. Lewis. Check out some of the images below!






Check out the site below!

Dandy Lion Project


Spike Lee to Shoot a Film Called “Chiraq” Making Some Chicago Residents Unhappy


(Getty Images/Patrick Fraser)

Well I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been waiting for the return of Spike Lee for a very long time. Kinda like how we felt when Mike made a return, wearing the number 45, we’re excited, we’re watching, we’re hopeful.

While I couldn’t be more happy to see Spike getting back to work, it seems like he’s already ruffled some feathers.

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Brandy Stars in Broadway Musical Chicago


Brandy Norwood is making her Broadway debut next month as Roxie Hart in the classic Broadway musical Chicago. In case you’re unfamiliar, Chicago takes place in 1920’s Prohibition-era Chicago, with focus being on crime and what it means to be a “celebrity criminal.”

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Little League Team Stripped of U.S. Championship


Remember how excited everybody was when the Jackie Robinson West Little League Baseball team was the FIRST African American team to win the U.S. Championship? Well, it looks like that celebration has come to an unexpected end, right in time for Black History Month. The championship has now been awarded to Las Vegas’ Mountain Ridge Little League Team.

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