Rapper Nas Pens Powerful Open Letter on Injustice in America


A few days ago, I reported that rapper Lupe Fiasco had penned an open letter to white supremacy, and now Nas has followed up with a letter of his own. I’m glad to see these celebs using their voice for good. Check it out!

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Mia Love Returns White Supremacist Earl Holt’s Donations


Mia Love is the first Black Republican woman to be elected to Congress. She is also one of my least favorite people. Her politics alone are enough to make me dislike her, but the fact that she is a Black woman in America and STILL believes the things that come out of her mouth makes me wonder if she’s playing with a full deck.

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President Obama is Tired of Avoiding Race: This Podcast Gets Real



President Barack Obama hasn’t had it easy over the last 6 1/2 years. As you can probably imagine, there’s been incredible pressure on the guy. He will go down in history as the first Black President…ever. That’s a lot to take on. Inevitably, he’s had his share of naysayers. For many, it seems that the President can’t do anything right. For some white people he simply isn’t “white” enough, and for some Blacks, his policies aren’t “Black” enough. However, in the face of all of this adversity, Obama has managed to hold his head high, and maintain an amazing amount of dignity and class. After the recent blood bath in Charleston, in addition to¬† the ongoing racial tension in this country, the President dropped the “N bomb” on a recent podcast with Marc Maron, declaring that racism IS still a problem in America.

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