Adieu Agu: “Invite Only Cabo” Episode 6

Jermane and Malaku plan a beach getaway to escape the madhouse for a few hours, leaving the rest of the crew back at the ranch to deal with their drama. The two are feeling a little left out, wondering who the special person in Larry’s life is. Emily and her boyfriend Joseph have a nice night in Larry’s suite, getting the alone time that they desperately need. The couple seems to be enjoying themselves, and Emily’s secret is still safe-for now.

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AJ the Hurricane: “Invite Only Cabo” Episode 5

Episode 5, and the crew is in for a (very) rude awakening. Larry’s good friend AJ, an actress turned personal trainer and life coach arrives on the scene like a hellcat, muscles flexin’. She’s loud, she’s out of control, she’s passionate. But will she fit in at the house?

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The First Lady of Cabo: Invite Only Cabo Episode 4

It’s Busy Body Bianca’s birthday, and everybody is ready for the ultimate turn up. After learning that Kamani is doing much better after her accident, the crew decides to jump back into the party scene like they never left. Kamani’s close call succeeded in bringing the group together, even alleviating tensions between Kamani, Bianca, and Agu. However, with neck brace and all, Kamani still finds time to call Emily a twist off cap bottle of wine, so I’m not sure how far we’ve actually come.

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Alcohol, Accidents, and Arguments: “Invite Only Cabo” Episode 3

This week, you can cut the tension in the house with a knife, as Larry considers pulling the plug on Cabo. Fed up with all of the misunderstandings and messy MESS, Larry isn’t sure that even a beautiful mansion on a beautiful beach is enough to make him put up with the drama coming at him from every direction.

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Cabo Catastrophe: “Invite Only Cabo” Recap Episode 1&2

What happens when you put a “free spirit,” a divorcee looking for love in all the wrong places, a ladies’ man, and a bad and boujee entrepreneur with an emotional block in the same house, in a far away land? Thanks to Bravo, and celebrity hair stylist, Larry Sims, we are about to find out.

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Sure, I Watch Reality TV, but I Don’t Live a Reality TV Lifestyle-Neither Should You


I watch a lot of reality TV. My DVD is currently set and I plan on watching each and every one of my shows every week, sometimes multiple times if I feel like I missed something. Like many people, I’m drawn to the drama-the entertainment. It’s salacious, it’s intriguing, and sometimes, it’s downright unbelievable. But it’s my guilty pleasure, and to be honest, I’m not ashamed.

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The Real Housewives of Dallas AND Potomac Are On the Way


Well I was just getting settled into this new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and before I could even get into the second episode, I’m hearing news of more housewives in TWO different parts of the country!

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KarmaJonez Exclusive: Karma Talks to Bravo’s Amber Bryant About Her New Show “Mother Funders”


For years, Bravo has been dishing out the drama with a few of the most successful reality series on television. From Real Housewives of Atlanta, to Married to Medicine, a lot of the network’s hit shows have been filmed right here in Atlanta, GA. Now, with Bravo’s newest addition to the roster, you’ll never be able to look at PTO moms the same again. Mother Funders, a show about the ups and downs of being a dedicated wife, mother, and full time PTO member, is taking reality TV to a new level. This group of feisty women want nothing more than to raise money for their children’s school, but as expected, they run into a few roadblocks along the way. I got a chance to sit down with one of the cast members, Mrs. Amber Bryant, and she had plenty to say about the cutthroat world of the PTO. Click below for details!

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