8 Things I Care About More than Bow Wow Retiring From the Rap Game


Last week, the rapper formerly known as Bow Wow made what I assume he thought would be an earth shattering announcement-he was leaving the rap game for good. And while Bow Wow may have actually been really upset and emotional about the whole thing, most of us found the “breaking news” to be quite comical.

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Bow Wow Put a Ring On It & Erica Mena Divorces Love & Hip Hop

Well, it’s happened. Erica, or “EV-RI-KAH!” as Cyn calls her, is (kinda) gracefully bowing out of the Love & Hip Hop game. The show, which catapulted Mena’s career, now seems like it’s proving to be a burden on her and her private life. Rapper Bow Wow (Shad Moss), Erica’s husband, apparently wants her to kiss the show goodbye. Erica posted this picture on IG along with a heartfelt love letter to her fans, announcing her departure.


“Four years ago became #MenaMonday I let the world in and it’s been a crazy ride since. I’ve always been open about who I am & my relationships just because I know my story was meant to be told. I’ve made many mistakes and I get judge harshly. Thank God I’m as tough and bold as I am because the truth is many are like me,” she wrote.

“I have fan base that now has become my family! I can’t thank you all enough for following & riding this ride. You are all appreciated. Learning from my mistakes and loving me no matter what rumors are made up,” she continued.

“Oh and YES I’m Sorry I know I’ve forced you all to like certain people just because I decided to date them I know it won’t be the same after tonight’s show but I do know that no matter what I’m always going to be Open and Real with you all.”

“This chapter has ended but the real deal is the journey has just begun. Tonight is indeed my last show. Good luck to everyone. Wish you all the best. Always #MenaMondays AKA The Only Reason You All Watch #LHHNY #BreadWinner.”

Ok girl. Do you. I just hope Bow Wow can continue to bring in those checks!


Dr. Boyce D. Watkins Says Actors of Empire Are in The “Entertainment Ghetto” Oh Yea, & Bow Wow Too


Season 1 of Empire has come and gone, and I think we all can agree that it was one hell of a season. One thing people in the black community can’t really agree on however, is whether or not the show is actually GOOD for the Black community.

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