In the Woke Olympics, Nobody Wins Gold


I’ve decided I want to bow out. It was fun while it lasted.  However, after careful review, I’ve concluded that The Woke Olympics just isn’t for me. I can’t compete. These carefully constructed tweets have me sweating at my desk on the regular, and baby, I’m tired. One slip of the finger, one well intentioned tweet gone bad, and just like that, the Woke community has turned their backs on you, and there you are, all alone-Un-woke.

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8 Possible Titles for Rachel Dolezal’s Upcoming Documentary


Just when we thought Rachel Dolezal had made her home somewhere in a small (mostly Black, of course) neighborhood on the outskirts of some city, making a living by braiding hair and doing sew-ins, never to be heard from again, she pops up on the campus of Howard University. And of ALL things, she’s filming a movie.

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The Pressures of Keeping it Real in the Black Community

keeping it real

For those of you who saw the box office hit “Dear White People”, (a movie I LOVED by the way) you know that one of the main characters was Tyler James Williams, the actor we all know and love as “Chris” from “Everybody Hates Chris.” In “Dear White People”, Tyler plays a geeky, freshman writer by the name of Lionel Higgins, who also happens to be…gay.

Though the idea of him playing a role like that may have surprised some of us, (myself included) in reality, we have to admit, it really shouldn’t have. I mean, we DO know there are gay people in the world, and we DO know that art imitates life. Yet, for some of us, it was still hard for us to digest.

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KarmaJonez Interviews Dylan Chenfeld: the Face Behind “I Met God, She’s Black”


Who is God? What is God? What race is GOD? These are all questions we’ve asked ourselves before. We all tend to wonder what’s happening up there in the sky. Does God hear our prayers, does he really know what we’re doing all the time? Is there even a Heaven or Hell? As a critical thinker, and a lover of history, I’ve often struggled with the concept of “God.” To me, the concept of “God” just wasn’t logical.

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“Black” Isn’t a Dirty Word


Black. What do you think of when you hear the word? Naturally, I assume that answer really depends on who you are. Of course, I have my own feelings about the word “Black.” But before I tell you what Black means to me, let me share some definitions from

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