“No Homo” Must Die-Rae Sremmurd & The Fader Mag Cover


A man eats a hotdog at a cookout. “No homo,” he says.

“That’s a nice shirt, bro. No homo,” he compliments his friend as he gives him dap. The night goes on, they have one too many drinks, and one of the friends falls over something. He isn’t paying attention. “That’s a big ass stick. Damn. No homo, bruh,” he wipes the dirt off of his fit, disgruntled. They head home and part ways, it’s been a long night.

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Fine Ass Idris Elba is The First Man on Maxim Cover


Imagine a man sculpted by Jesus, using the best ganache chocolate the world has ever seen. Now imagine that this piece of chocolate man is over 6 feet tall with teeth made of the finest pearls…and he has a British accent that could melt the panties off of Mother Theresa. Can you imagine that? Well, that’s Idris Elba.

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The Dandy Lion Project

Ok. I’m obsessed with clothes, fashion, style…and I’m even more interested in those things when Black men are involved. I’m in love with the Dandy Lion Project!

A photography and film project that explores Global Black Dandyism and contemporary counter-narratives of Black Masculinity has made its way to the Museum of Contemporary Photography. The exhibit opened last week on April 9th in Chicago, IL. This awesomeness was founded in 2010 by Shantrelle P. Lewis. Check out some of the images below!






Check out the site below!

Dandy Lion Project


Black Women Get Down With The Swirl (Revisited)



This Is An Oldie But Goody: Written in 2013. I don’t currently don’t have the same set of circumstances as far as the dating scene is concerned, but one of my readers asked about this article after I posted my article on Lupita N’yongo. She wondered if the way some Black men viewed beauty as it relates to Black women had caused some Black women to date outside of their race. Here’s an interview I did with a young lady who had chosen to date White men:

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Why Lupita is a GODDESS & You Will DEAL! Black Men, Listen Up.


Lupita N’Yong’o is a Goddess.

And although her presence illuminates the darkness, her skin is like chocolate ganache, her teeth are pearly white,  and her personality is as radiant as the sun, I’m still running into some Lupita hate…and it’s mainly from Black men.

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