#ImNotWithHer How I Fell Out of Love With Hillary: A Memoir


I’m not with Hillary Clinton. There is no amount of girl power that could make me hop on the bandwagon, either. Not now, not ever. I’m too far gone.

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The Pressures of Keeping it Real in the Black Community

keeping it real

For those of you who saw the box office hit “Dear White People”, (a movie I LOVED by the way) you know that one of the main characters was Tyler James Williams, the actor we all know and love as “Chris” from “Everybody Hates Chris.” In “Dear White People”, Tyler plays a geeky, freshman writer by the name of Lionel Higgins, who also happens to be…gay.

Though the idea of him playing a role like that may have surprised some of us, (myself included) in reality, we have to admit, it really shouldn’t have. I mean, we DO know there are gay people in the world, and we DO know that art imitates life. Yet, for some of us, it was still hard for us to digest.

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