Ayesha, Steph & the Lusty Chic in the Stands


(Photo:Getty Images 9:9)

Steph and Ayesha Curry met at the Central Church of God in Charlotte, North Carolina when they were teens. They’re like the Cosby family of professional sports. By the grace of God, they’ve managed to stay scandal free throughout Curry’s amazing career. Ayesha Curry spends her free time making fresh squeezed lemonade and baking cakes with their adorable daughter, Riley (who may or may not be more famous than both of them combined). This week, however, the Internet was ready for a scandal. They’d had enough of this picture perfect family, they wanted the DIRT.

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Steph Curry’s Wife Would Like to Have a Word With the Critics: Listen Up


If you have a pulse, you’ve probably heard of Riley Curry. She’s become an overnight celebrity. A pop star. Basically, she’s more famous than her dad, who also happens to be basketball All Star and MVP, Steph Curry. While some people have been amused with Riley’s behavior during post-game press conferences, others think the Curry’s need to get a tighter grip on their toddler.

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