Feature Friday: Meet Shantavia Nia


(Photo Credit: Daniel San)

Have you ever wondered how people go vegan, and why? Do you want to get more in touch with your self, be a better you inside, and out? Well today’s Feature Friday profile is perfect for you. Meet Shantavia Nia, a young entrepreneur and Harlem, New York native. Click below to check out the interview.

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Theatre Lab Announces BlackList: A Celebration of African American Voice


TheatreLAB Announces BlackList, a Celebration of the African American Voice

Richmond, VA: TheatreLAB is proud to introduce their newest program, BlackList. Conceived by TheatreLAB CompanyArtist, Mary Shaw, and co-created by local theatre favorite, Carolyn Meade, BlackList celebrates the African American voice. By spotlighting the individual works of an influential artist, BlackList will shed light on the stories of those who have been otherwise cast in the dark. BlackList is a platform for communication about African American Artistry and its place in our shared American experience. For the inaugural celebration, BlackList will showcase August Wilson alongside the 10-year anniversary of his death.

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The Dandy Lion Project

Ok. I’m obsessed with clothes, fashion, style…and I’m even more interested in those things when Black men are involved. I’m in love with the Dandy Lion Project!

A photography and film project that explores Global Black Dandyism and contemporary counter-narratives of Black Masculinity has made its way to the Museum of Contemporary Photography. The exhibit opened last week on April 9th in Chicago, IL. This awesomeness was founded in 2010 by Shantrelle P. Lewis. Check out some of the images below!






Check out the site below!

Dandy Lion Project


Madonna Kissed Drake at Coachella & He Was Grossed Out

In case you missed it…over the weekend, people from all over the world travelled to a popular Californian art and music festival by the name of Coachella. Judging from the pictures and videos I’ve seen online, everyone was drunk and high out of their minds. Although many of the videos were QUITE entertaining (I especially loved Rihanna’s drunken vids), one video in particular has been making headlines. The kiss heard around the world…featuring Madonna and Drake has caused a bit of a stir. During her performance, Madonna, who’s known for her over the top sexuality, decided to give Drake a big, nasty, wet kiss. And his reaction was priceless. Take a look!

Thoughts? Should Madonna just keep her tongue in her mouth for a change?


Spike Lee to Shoot a Film Called “Chiraq” Making Some Chicago Residents Unhappy


(Getty Images/Patrick Fraser)

Well I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been waiting for the return of Spike Lee for a very long time. Kinda like how we felt when Mike made a return, wearing the number 45, we’re excited, we’re watching, we’re hopeful.

While I couldn’t be more happy to see Spike getting back to work, it seems like he’s already ruffled some feathers.

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